What motivates you to be a Volunteer Teacher?

What motivates you to be a Volunteer Teacher?

Động lực nào giúp các bạn trở thành một Giáo viên tình nguyện?

It’s been almost a year since VHV established; however, VHV has built and expanded free English classes in two major cities: four centers in Ho Chi Minh City and five centers in Ha Noi. All students in the first course have finished the program. Needless to say, that success was marked by considerable efforts of all VHV volunteers. Each city has a leader, and a coordinator whose responsibility for its centers. The team members usually exchange information, learn and connect with each other. When asked, “What motivates you to be a volunteer teacher?” They honestly said without thinking that it was because of the meaning of life, children’s happiness, and the interest in English, a global language.

Chung Mi – This girl is called by the nickname “Mi Heo”, born in 1992. She is the leader of Teaching group in Ho Chi Minh. Mi shared: “Whenever going to classes and seeing bright smiles, clear eyes, and innocent faces of students; I feel warm in my heart. It soothes all tiredness during the day. Specially, when teaching them, I have a chance to understand more each individual, who has their own difficult situations. I have experienced some difficulties and I said to myself that I was so young and I had to spend my whole youth with my truly meaningful time. Youth comes but once in a lifetime, so Why not?”

Động lực nào giúp các bạn trở thành một Giáo viên tình nguyện?

      The Volunteers and Students at class in Phu Nhuan District- Ho Chi Minh center.

Kim Ngan, the leader of Teaching group in Ha Noi, is a junior at Ha Noi Foreign Trade University. She honestly said, “I have never thought to become a teacher or a volunteer teacher. It was just a chance and luck to know VHV’s project, which I found it very meaningful, and I applied for Teaching team. I love going to classes and playing with kids. If I do not meet them for a week, I would miss them.

Chau Do – She is a teacher in District 7, who has studied abroad. She has a 3-year- old boy; however, she schedules to go to classes regularly. She said: “My son is a motivation for me to become a volunteer teacher. I deeply want to understand how to teach my child and set a good example for him; for instance, teaching him how to be well organized, I have to be well organized first; teaching him not to litter, I shall not litter first; or encouraging him to be interested in reading book, I must read book frequently. As I wanted my child to be a good person, and do the right things, I signed up to be a Volunteer Teacher ”.


A fun class at the third center on Mid-Autumn Festival in Ha Noi.

Ngan Tra – A 27-year-old officer in Ho Chi Minh City said: “Oh, I want to be a Volunteer Teacher because I would like to contribute a small part to society by inspiring disadvantaged children to learn English. I want to step out of my “comfort zone” to meet and to learn from enthusiastic young people as well as to understand myself better.”

Pham Quynh Nga – A coordinator in Ha Noi center said: “Actually, I did not think much when first joining VHV. Firstly, I felt that this organization was different from other organizations which I have ever known. Not only do they teach English for poor children but also to help them develop their communication skills. Moreover, VHV has been attracting many foreign volunteers in exchange programs.  At first, there were so many problems that it was hard to run classes smoothly. However, the more we teach those children, the more we love them. I want to use my English knowledge to help them.


A photo from a VHV’s class in Hanoi with a foreign volunteer participation.

Whether living in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh, being at work or at school, and being married or not, VHV’s members always work with their enthusiasm for bright futures of Vietnamese children. “Green sprouts today, the future of the country”.

Kieu Gau