Want to join us?

Volunteer House Vietnam is operated based on the following:

If you have an available house, you could offer your house, for a time, to help.

If you have an available room(s), you could offer your room(s) to help.

If you are able to teach English, you can teach English to help.

If you have limited (or no) English proficiency, no problem, you could encourage children to attend Volunteer House Vietnam’s classes; promote the organization to other people or maintain the Volunteer House Vietnam’s website.

Classes are open to all children who have a thirst for learning English, no matter whether they are rich or poor.

If you are an intenational volunteer and would like to be an English Teacher of Volunteer House Vietnam, please send your CV to [email protected] The management team will contact you soon if you are suitable qualities. If you are Vietnamese, please click the button below to register.


Parents under difficult conditions who desire their children to participate in the Volunteer House Vietnam’s classes, please click below.


Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers