Volunteer’s feeling after VHV’s trip on Minh Dam Mountain

Volunteer’s feeling after VHV’s trip on Minh Dam Mountain

I met Volunteer House Vietnam association via a simple post on Facebook. They were organizing a team building trip to Vung Tau; as a few seats remained empty, they open it to foreigners people. Even if I work with Vietnamese people for 4 months now, I still have many things to discover about Vietnamese culture and this trip was definitely an occasion to deepen my knowledge.



As European girl, volunteers surprised me by their curiosity and their willingness to help : sharing about our lifes and vision, teaching Vietnamese songs and vocabulary, and making sure I did not feel lost or teared apart. Evenso many volunteers joined the association recently only, they get to create a group spirit so fast!


I appreciated very much the overall atmosphere of the trip : people were invited to share motorbikes to reduce CO2 production, not eaten food was kept for later and no garbage was let down. Being sensitized to the importance of protecting environment in our everyday life is a challenge, and that trip was definitely a good way to achieve that.


I came to Vung Tao to take a breath in nature, out of polluted HCM. Being surrounded by young people full of life and hope for the future, eating, laughing and joking was maybe the most important breath I took, away from doubt and question about future, to refill myself of joy, happiness and trust in human being.