Not only attracting students and employees are good at English with the intention to support poor children with free English teaching. After a year of hard working with all the achievements, Volunteer House Vietnam has been attracting young active members with the same intention to “bring the international language to poor children”.

Joining Volunteer House Vietnam because of – “a good organization without age limitation”.

Huynh Cong Nam, 14 years old, eagerly share: “I joined Volunteer House Vietnam by chance when searching for a volunteer club that teaches English for poor children in HCMC. Before VHV, I have learn about many other volunteer clubs, but the outstanding point of VHV is its well-organization, this is not an age limited organization as well so it met my needs and expectations.”

BÉ SƠNWith the same goal that provides poor children English for free, Nguyen Vu thu Thao, pupil of class 8A1, Cau Kiem junior high school talked about the reason she joined VHV: “I visited official website of VHV and read about activities of VHV and I found out that this organization was founded with good intentions and I wanted to help poor children so I decided to join. Besides, I want to improve my English, to acknowledge my English level and improve it by teaching children. I also wanted to try my first job in life and see what I can achieve. And I hope with my contribution I will be improved by VHV and I will receive an introduce letter to exalt my profile for scholarship attempts.


Bé Thảo Nguyên

I want to use my ability to help poor children!

My biggest purpose on joining Volunteer House Vietnam is that I can help children get used to with English, bring them inspiration, enthusiasm for English, and help them master this language so that they can be successful in life despite of poor conditions. I want to use my ability to help poor children to learn English!” Nam shared.

Nguyen Hoang Bao Ngoc shared: “My purpose on joining VHV is bringing the international language to poor children who do not have many opportunities to interact or improve English; and if I can have opportunity to travel abroad, I can have experiences in fitting in society and improved my English.”

Be Bao Ngọc

Thao Nguyen also happy shared: “Since I was very young, I was taught lessons in theory, heard about good examples in media but I haven’t contributed anything specifically.  I want to give a hand by myself, try my best to help by myself. Teaching them means I am teaching myself a lesson and learn something from that.

An organization will only grow when all members act the same for a greater good. We hope, with the intention “Teaching Poor children English for free” Volunteer House Vietnam will grow further, and more people with good wills and enthusiasm will come to join and open the door for poor children that leads them to the open world.

Kim Lien