VHV on Tuoi tre news: Teaching English for disadvantage children

VHV on Tuoi tre news: Teaching English for disadvantage children

Volunteer House Vietnam, a project for teaching English free to poor and under-served children who do not have access to English learning, has three centers: one in Ha Noi and the two others in Ho Chi Minh City. Kids are all babbling away in English pronunciation which makes the class atmosphere become more animated. The center in HCM city is at 791/23/3 M Tran Xuan Soan Street, District 7 on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening.

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The teachers will name each student different English name. Besides that, teachers and teacher assistants also communicate with students in English during the lesson. They teach English to kids through using pictures and mini games related to the lesson to help them remember words and motivate them.

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Chung Thuy Tra Mi (manager of teaching group of VHV) said: “In general, children can imitate and learn any foreign languages quickly, so VHV will establish a class with a course for 6 months, which students will learn different topics.” Due to children’s study, despite unfavorable weather and far stretch of road, many parents still have taken their children to the class. Especially, some disadvantage families cannot afford for their children learning at foreign language centers.

Founder of VHV project, Vo Thi My Linh-26 years old, wants to share source of inspiration learning English to all children, and the most importantly is to inspire poor children. My Linh said: “We hope we will open many classes across the country, especially in remote areas. Furthermore, we will aim to build at least one center for each province because English is extremely necessary for disadvantage children.”

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Link: http://tuoitre.vn/tin/nhip-song-tre/20150829/gia-su-tinh-nguyen/960270.html