VHV BUCKET CHALLENGE: After I had donated my blood, I became more stronger

VHV BUCKET CHALLENGE: After I had donated my blood, I became more stronger

I read about VHV BUCKET CHALLENGE on Linh’s page, at first, because of my nervousness, i didn’t want to sign up for this challenge. As it was a meaningful game, i decided to try. And the challenge I had was to donate my blood.


90b47c38-3d32-4ba3-8c38-183218a5d8bdActually, i wanted to donate my blood a long time ago, but i usually imagined a person drawing about 250ml blood with a big needle, which made me bad and didn’t dare to go. It was Linh’s challenge that motivated me to do any reasons. I asked my friends to go with me, but nobody wanted so i decided to do it alone. It was difficult to find place for donating, becaucse blood donations were usually organized at schools or at health departments. At the time i decided to go, only a few places carried out the services and they were far away from my house. I just thought: “it doesn’t matter! I have to go”.

When i came to the center, there was just me. I was so nervous. It was my first time and afraid of pain also. Luckily, the doctor was very friedly, he helped me reassure my fear.

After blood donation, i got a certificate, a breakfast voucher, present and travel expenses. I didn’t want to keep them for myself, i gave them to the guard of the center. He felt so happy and thanked me so much. I felt glad; I finally overcame my fear and achieved things that I couldn’t do before. Present or money was not important to me, the significance was i did something useful for others and for myself.

I would definitely donate my blood more often in the near future.

Thank you VHV and Linh so much. VHV gave me a chance to do a wonderful thing.