Talk show: Pro tips to travel the world with low budget

Talk show: Pro tips to travel the world with low budget

In order to recall instinct of curiosity, enthusiasm for challenges of young people who love travelling, on Sunday 8th may 2016, Volunteer House Vietnam (VHV) held a talk show with the topic “Pro tips to travel the world with low budget”. The soft skill training was held at VHV main base –  Yoga Việt 39 Phùng Khắc Khoan, District 1, HCMC.

The guest invited to share was Miss Vân, a VHVer that has many years working in her field as well as her personal experiences on travelling, she is also a sidekick of VHV from the day it was born.



Miss Vân eagerly shared her experience with members.

Beside her professional knowledge and core experiences of a travelling enthusiast, she also inspired and encouraged her audiences that made them want to get up and pack up for a trip right away.

 The talk show was very active and interesting. Many questions were raised to ask, Miss Vân helped people to get rid of their anxieties. A member who shared with us: “What important is your spirit, your willingness and if there is a thirst for travelling, exploring, connecting, learning and widening your mind, just pack up and go. This is the message that I think is the most awesome and inspiring Miss Vân gives us in the Talk show today. Time and place of the Talk show was carefully planned. We want to give thanks to the organizers and the eagerness of Miss Vân. I hope that there will be more interesting Talk show like this in the future”.


Members asked Miss Vân questions.

And the Talk show that was held by VHV was successfully executed. VHV will try our best to hold more Talk shows like this. Please follow fanpage as well as website volunteerhousevietnam for more information about other activities and events.