Supporting Volunteer House Vietnam in building Co Muong school campaign

Supporting Volunteer House Vietnam in building Co Muong school campaign

The campaign named “Building Co Muong School” is a public fundraising campaign to build a school for 122 students who are ethnic minorities such as: H’Mong, Thai at the Na Tong Ward, Tuan Giao district, Dien Bien Province. Looking back to the trip of VHV Na Tang Ward – Đien Bien in November, 2015, participants had seen the children walking on the bare feet, wearing the old thin and tattered clothes and attending in class where the walls have been exfoliated, which couldn’t protect the children against the cold. It was sad that in the rainy season, both teachers and students couldn’t go to school because they were worried about the chance of breaking down their school. It could happen in anytime!

The campaign got started in the end of February 2016. VHV has appealed philanthropist and other people from the South for supporting. Besides that, VHV also organized some activities such as: “Blood Donation Week”, “Fixed Donation Box”, “Rent Me Please” to spread out the love message.

With the determination to eradicate illiteracy for the highland children, after two months (29/02/2016 – 10/04/2016, concluding the first period, there were over 390 million VND (393,755,525 VND) contributed by the organizations and individuals.

17h – 18/03/2016 Start building the Co Muong School

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the philanthropists, organizations and other people, Co Muong School has been started – We hope the children will have a new school to study before the raining season. VHV will update regularly the process of fundraising and building over there, so everyone could follow and continue supporting the project.

Thank you so much the Chairman of Na Tong Ward People’s Committee, the Secretary, the leaders of village and native people have hastily repaired the road to make the material transporting to the school easily.

Below are some picture this afternoon

Report at Co Muong Village



Native people are enthusiastically building the school



Step 2: (14/04/2016 – 30/04/2016) Support the objects and other necessaries for Co Muong school.

Besides building the school at the village, VHV continue asking the community from other places to contribute to Public Library, School Stationary, Necessaries, and support for teaching and living of CO MUONG teachers and students.

End of this period, at HCM city, VHV has collected many books, comics and pens. The total objects we have got so far were: 5 boxes of pens with over 250 pens – over 60 notebooks; over 10 comic books; fiction and nonfiction books; and English books. The number of supporters has been increasing.

The members in Northern area have also received plenty of pillows, blankets, and school supplies from people living there.




School supplies and food received from the South and the North

Happy Open Day


After spending efforts and enthusiasm, two school Co Muong and Sao Mai have been finished, then the children will have the new schools, new boards, new books to study. It will be a joy for them.

Open Ceremony will be celebrated at 8th March 2016, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau City, the preventatives of VHV at the South have been bust to meet the members of the North and together we will move to Dien Bien to send the gifts to children.

16 members of VHV also brought some repertories, games to contribute the event. To have more information please follow us by Dien Bien.


At 10:00 Pm, Southern and Northern volunteers were meeting up at the An Lac Town, Hoa Binh Province (On the Way to Dien Bien)


Directly reporting the Open Day at Co Muong, 15:00 on 7th March 2016.

Some activities and pictures at the ceremony

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Preparing for the Open Day in the Sao Mai Kids Garden on 8th March

Moving from Co Muong, the volunteers had to walk over 8 km on the moutain path under the sunshine. “It is the path the children have to walk to class everyday. It is so hot, and it will be worse in ranny days” a volunteer said.



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Building the stage to pratice the music show and having campfire at night

May 8th 2016, The Open Day at Sao Mai Kids Garden

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Some pictures at the Open Day

Volunteer House Vietnam

Translator: Nguyen Tri Nguyen