Our Principles


1Rights & Benefits
- Participate in voluntary activities of Volunteer House Vietnam as assigned by the Administrators.
- Expand your personal network by making friends with both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese.
- Have opportunities to practice English with foreigners.
- Attend meetings, exchanges, learning activities organized by Volunteer House Vietnam
- Engage in self-development and teamwork activities and contribute ideas for committee purposes.
- Members are responsible for their own expenses and transportation, and must manage their time to complete their duties.
- Support others in the program to find solutions without stress or anxiety.
- Be respectful of others’ opinions; no harsh criticism, show no offence to other members.
- Show equal treatment/non-discrimination to all people despite their background, age, creed, race, religion, national origin, regional origin, gender, sexual orientation, social status, etc.
- Members are not allowed to use the nominal value of Volunteer House Vietnam for personal purposes without permission by Administrators.
- Members are not allowed to arbitrarily ask for donations, do business in any form on behalf of Volunteer House Vietnam without Administrators’ approval.
- Members are not allowed to make use of Volunteer House Vietnam’s resources (human, finance, properties…) for individual purposes or benefits outside the organization.
- Members are not allowed to promote their own ideologies or unverified information, which might cause misunderstandings or confusion.
- All activities must comply with Vietnam’s legal regulations and be consistent with Vietnamese culture.
- Please do not propagandize for religions or information irrelevant to language education orientation.
6Friendliness, Politeness and Sociability
- Create long term and sustainable linkages between its members with external relationships to build a reliable image of Volunteer House Vietnam and to increase Volunteer House Vietnam’s good reputation.
- All problems must be consulted/approved by the person in charge or related to the issue. In urgent cases, members can be flexible in regard to solving issues, however they have to report to leaders after that and all activities in any cases must not be against Volunteer House Vietnam rules and requirements.
- Do not arbitrarily transmit information or act beyond the scope of the work and goals of Volunteer House Vietnam.
- Complete assigned tasks on time and report specific progress.
- Update group information regularly via email, Fanpage and/or Facebook group.
- Have a detailed plan for the assigned tasks and list the resources needed for coordination.
- Be patient and persistent in pursuing goals and plans of the organization.
- Be willing to overcome difficulties to complete duties.
- Respect and protect the image and reputation of the organization.
- Share ideas and ask for assistance if need be.
- Be answerable for what you do voluntarily.
- Help & support other members to complete tasks.
- Learn and comprehend the content, aims and mode of operation of Volunteer House Vietnam in order to deliver correct information about the organization.
- Inform the team leader beforehand in case you can’t finish your tasks or you want to change the work assigned.
- Do your work voluntarily and with enthusiasm and concern for others.
- Do not use the information of other members for private use.
- Work with responsibility.
- Follow the plan and work hard for the common goal.
- Observe the laws, customs and culture of the workplace.
- Be innovative to deliver your best performance.


1During your stay
- Respect the host’s rules/opinions.
- Keep the living space/room/house clean and tidy.
- Keep the space in a quiet state and comply with the regulations on safety and security.
- Do not change the location of furniture without permission from the host.
- Share housework with your host: repairing, cleaning, etc.
- Inform the host before going out.
2When teaching in class
- Be punctual.
- The Vietnamese language is not allowed during class except for explanations to help students understand material better – but if you can, please explain everything in English.
- Prepare teaching materials, methods, and etc. well to make the lesson interesting and attractive to students.
- Create a friendly and open environment for studying.
- Answer students’ questions as thoroughly as possible.
- No yelling, shouting or any other harsh words toward students.
- Do not leave the classroom during teaching time (children cannot be left alone).
- No smoking, no alcohol drinking or other kind of drugs during teaching time.
- For safety purposes, teachers must never be alone with individual students.
- Inform Leaders or Administrators in time in case of missing a class.


- The Vietnamese language is not allowed during classes (unless Vietnamese students truly need to clarify a problem).
- Attend classes punctually and assure regular attendance. There must be valid reasons for being absent and you must inform your teacher in advance. You are not allowed to be absent for over 20% of the classes.
- Students should commit to attend at least 3 months in order to assure the quality of the class.
- Preparation of lessons and homework is required before the class.
- Keep the class hygienic. No junk food, litter or scribbling in the class. No destroying general properties.
- Be polite and respect teachers. Concentrate on the lesson, no making noise, no private chit chat. Seriously comply with the teachers’ instructions.
- No weapons, flammable and explosive materials in any form are allowed in the class. No carrying or using drugs or stimulants.
- No fighting, no swearing.
- Unite with, support and respect friends in the class.
2Dealing with violations
Appropriate sanctions will be applied depending on different levels of violation:
- Minor level (such as being late, eating junk food, making noise, etc.): warning, preventing further action immediately. School and/or family will be informed when students violate the rules many times.
- Major level (fighting, swearing, not respecting the teacher, smoking, drinking alcohol…): warning immediately. Such behavior will be reported to the school and family for appropriate sanctions.
- Critical level, repeating significant violations many times (fighting many times, carrying weapons or illegal substances …) when above measurements are not effective: Such behavior will be reported to school and family for appropriate sanctions. The organization retains the right to ask those learners to refrain from coming to Volunteer House Vietnam’s classes.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers