Free English class for children

Free English class for children

Voluteer House Vietnam: Free English class for children

Teaching method

VHV is in the progess of initiate English classses in which native English-speaker volunteers are in charge of teaching with Vietnamese volunteer staff’s assistance.

– Foreign teacher would be provided free accommodation which equipped with basic necessities (a bed, a mat, a pillow, and a fan), foreign volunteers can choose to teach continuously or alternatively. When there is no foreign teacher available for class, Vietnamese teacher will take turn to teach children.

– In order to avoid overwhelming volunteers with many responsibilites, there is a need to call for all members to get involved in alternative teaching. In the other hand, this interchangeable teaching will bring about the enthusiastic to student since they have the ability interact with different teachers. This diversified communication will help student improve their English skill rapidly and naturally. Improving speaking and listening skills for children is VHV main focus.

Classroom conduct

 VHV pays high attention to communication skill through offering various activities such as  warm-up games, singing and connducting presentations. Our goal are to make studying more relax, simple and cause no pressure to children. From that, we are able inspire children and cultivate their love for English language.

VHV uses the material of Family and Friends (original book of Oxford) in order for teacher to be able to follow up fixed program and method, furthermore, student would not be confused when teacher is changed.

The teacher has to submit teaching diary of each class according to VHV given format so that the following teachers can get to know what and where in the lesson has been taught  previously.

Course duration

The duration of each course is six months. There are three meetings per week. Students are between 9 and 12 years old and are placed in the first level of Family and Friends. At the end of the course, students complete book 1 to book 3.

Accordingly, after finishing book 3, the student should be well-prepared and no longer have feelings of fear and shy attitude when comes into communicate in English.


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