11. How can I register for being volunteer in VHV?
Please send your information or CV to [email protected]. Please include specific time and date that you can join voluntary work in Vietnam. Our coordinator will contact you and guide you through the next steps.
22. What would I be granted when I am a volunteer in VHV?
- VHV is an organization operating on the contribution of VHVers and we have not got any official financial support. Therefore, we expect volunteers to join VHV with giving rather than getting.
- If you have not got accommodation in Vietnam, VHV will provide free accommodation during the time of your volunteering.
- VHV volunteers will be always willing to take you to discover our specilities such as Vietnamese culture and cuisine if you would love to.
- VHV does not support you with finance or meals.
33. Is the accommodation provided by VHV convenient?
-The accommodation that VHV provides is contributed by local people. Therefore, financial condition of that family will decide whether it is convenient or not.
- Most of these accommodations are quite far from VHV’s classes, so you can catch a bus to get to classes.
- You should learn to adapt to Vietnamese culture since you are staying with Vietnamese family.
- You had better include your accommodation request when emailing us because the number of our accommodation is limited. Then, we can arrange a place for you.
44. Does VHV issue me a volunteer certificate?
- An international volunteer, who has over 3-month contribution and be judged as an active participant by our coordinators, will get a volunteer certificate from VHV.
55. How is my teaching schedule?
- Each VHV’s class has 3 lessons per week, which is on Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday- Thursday- Saturday, all from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.
- If you register for free accommodation, you must get into class at least 3 lessons per week. Otherwise, if you do not need an accommodation, you can get into classes at your best convenience.
66. What is the quickest way I can interact with VHV members?
- You can join Facebook group of VHV at : https://www.facebook.com/groups/volunteerhousevietnam
- The majority of VHV volunteers are Vietnamese, so we mostly communicate in Vietnamese. However, we always welcome English as another language in our communication.
You can make friends, exchange information about voluntary works, as well as question about travelling or discovering Vietnam. Our volunteers will be friendly and willing to give you some advices.